5 Reasons To Invest In A Quooker Tap For Your Kitchen

The Quooker tap was the very first instant boiling water tap in the world and, since its launch, has continued evolving with the addition of functionality features such as sparkling and chilled filtered water all from the same spout. The sleek design and convenience it brings to day-to-day life means it is a real innovation in the kitchen.

Here are 5 reasons we think you should consider investing:


“The average person spends four months of their life waiting for a kettle to boil”, Quooker.

With a Quooker tap you will never need to wait again! The boiling tank is constantly replenishing so you always have instant fresh boiling water on tap. Better still, with the CUBE addition, you can also have fresh and filtered chilled and sparkling water, reducing the need to go to the shop to buy bottled water.


A Quooker tap can be used for many different tasks, not just tea and coffee, but blanching vegetables, steralising baby bottles or cleaning, the Quooker tap can do it all.


If you have a small kitchen, the Quooker tap is ideal as it saves precious space on your worktop.


Quooker has created a boiling water tap that produces a fine spray rather than the normal flow of water you would get out of a kettle, to ensure the avoidance of accidental scolds or burns. The tap itself has a clever safety mechanism to turn on which requires a double push down and turn, meaning the risk of accidentally turning on the boiling water is very small.

There is no hiding from the fact that all our energy bills are on a steep rise over the next few months. The Quooker COMBI tank, which provides both boiling and hot water from a cold feed, can save energy, as it uses 50% less energy than a standard household boiler. Making it the most energy efficient hot water source for the kitchen.

Inspire Kitchens is an approved supplier of Quooker taps, so get in touch to find out which option would suit you best. Or feel free to arrange a time to pop in to try it out in our showroom!

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