We are delighted to accounce that we are now official Quooker dealers!

Quooker’s revolutionary taps providing 100°C instant boiling water have proved themselves to be indispensable in households across the UK and worldwide.

Available in an ever increasing choice of contemporary and classic styles to match your kitchen, you can opt for either a 3-in-1 tap offering hot, cold and boiling water, or a separate boiling water tap in addition to your standard hot/cold tap, with taps served by a discreet tank in your kitchen cupboard.

Watch the video above to see why you should choose Quooker, the number one brand for boiling water taps.

When the showroom is back open to the public why not come and view our fully functional Quooker Cube on display in our showroom offering hot, cold, boiling, sparkling and filtered water – all from one tap!

Please get in touch for more information.

01483 472814

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